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Mobile Recording Services
Live Sound and Location Mobile Recording

We have merged with a local North East project recording studio to offer live and location Mobile Recording and a variety of audio services to musical groups and musicians across the North East of England. From capturing sound at a live gig, to detailed session work at either your or our location, we can help you achieve the sound you want in the finished product.

We can provide live sound and Mobile Recording at churches, halls or private houses around the North East of England. We have worked with solo artists, rock and pop bands, indie folk groups, string quartets, classical chamber groups, brass bands, full symphony orchestras and Choirs.

Recording Equipment


Neumann M147 Valve mic
Neumann TLM193 Cardioid Condenser Mic
Neumann KMS104plus Cardioid Condenser Mic with extended Bass response
Neumann KMS105 supercardioid Condenser Mic
AKG C3000 (x3) Condenser Mics
Beyerdynamic MPC22 (x4) Boundary Mics
DPA 4060 Miniature mics (x4) with XLR adaptors
DPA 4061 Miniature mic for Sennheiser Radio Pack
Line Audio CM3 (x2) Miniature Condenser Mics Cardioid
Line Audio OM1 (x3) Miniature Condenser Mics Omni
Oktava MK-219 Condenser Mic
Sennheiser EW145G1 UHF Radio Mic handheld
Sennheiser EW145G2 UHF Radio Mic handheld
Sennheiser EW100 (x6 receivers) for UHF Radio Mics (handheld, BeltPack, Headset)
sennheiser SKP100 plug on mic transmitter
sennheiser SK300 (x3) bodypack transmitter
Sennheiser EM3 (x2) Headset Mic
Sennheiser HS2 Neckband Mic Omni
Sennheiser Evolution Snare Drum Mic
Sennheiser Evolution Bass Drum Mic
Sure SM58 (x3) live vocal Mics


25 Metre x8 XLR plus x4 Jack Multi Core with Stage Box
15 Metre x8 XLR plus x4 Jack Multi Core with Stage Box

Mic Amps

TLA valve dual DI/Mic Pre-amp
Alice MicPak-2
Digidesign 888 digital interface (8 channel)
Presonous Digimax LT pre-amp with 8 channel ADAT interface
Sure FP33 battery powered field mixer/ 3 channel Mic Amp


Yamaha 03D 24 track digital mixer with 8 channel ADAT interface
Allen and Heath ZED 16FX Mixer
Behringer X32R Digital rack mounted mixer with WiFi
Mackie analogue 12 and 14 track mixers
PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital mixer


Lexicon MPX500 24bit Reverb processor
TC Electronic M300 Reverb processor
Yamaha SPX990 Multi FX including Reverb and Pitchshift
TC-Helicon Voice Live vocal harmoniser
TC Electronic Wizard Series Finalizer (original full spec model)
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Really Nice Compressor RNC1773
Tascam TA-1VP Vocal FX with Real Time Pitch Correction Auto-Tune
Line6 Pod
Line6 Bass Pod pro


Tascam SX-1 16 track recorder with 128 track sequencer
Fostex VF-16 digital 16 track recorder with 8 channel ADAT interface
PC with Digidesign 888 interface and Session8PC
PC with Creamware Pulsar and Power Sampler (16 track ADAT interface) Scope Analogue synth
Edirol R-09HR portable stereo recorder
Tascam DA-20 DAT
Tascam MD-301 Mini-disc
Denon DRS810 Cassette recorder


Spirit Absolute 2 Nearfield Monitors (x2) with Samson Servo240 Amplifier
Large 15" monitors
Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones (x2)

Live Sound

Pair of RCF ART325-A 400W 15" powered speakers
Pair of Mackie SRM350 200W 10" powered speakers
Pair of Mackie SRM150 150W 5" powered speakers
Pair of JBL TR125 15" 225W speakers with 700W Studiomaster Amp
Bose 502 Panaray (x4) 150W Speakers with INTER-M QD-4960 POWER AMPLIFIER
AER Compact60 Acoustic Amp with Battery
ZT Lunchbox Acoustic guitar amplifier
Fender Passport Compact PA system with Car Battery Transformer
Peavey TNT150 150W Bass Amp
Schertler BASS Amp 200W
Behringer Feedback Destroyer
img Stageline MCX-321/SW Crossover
Yamaha GQ2015 Stereo 15 band graphic equaliser


Kawai MP7 electric Stage Piano
Korg X3 synth and X3R Module
Roland XV-88 synth
Hammond XB-2 Organ
E-MU Classic Keys module
Kurzweil Micro Piano module
Yamaha EX5R module

Mobile Recording services for Live Bands and Studio projects. Small groups up to full symphony orchestras and choirs recorded. Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, Durham and North Yorkshire.